business development and alliance management

The Listening Platform: How it works and use cases

The Listening Platform allows teams to foster authentic, ongoing relationships with the people they need to connect with in less time and with less effort. The Platform offers immediate feedback about important decisions that is relevant, contextualised, highly targeted and in near real-time. Read more...

Business development, alliances

Business development and alliance managers use our platform to generate meaningful insights

Our platform allows business development and alliance management teams to foster authentic, ongoing relationships with the people they need to connect with in less time and with less effort. Read more...

business development and alliance management

The Listening Platform deconstructs the traditional survey model to create a new paradigm in getting real-time feedback

The platform is highly flexible and can be used in a number circumstances with internal and external stakeholders. For example: tracking the attitudes of prospective partners as they talk to your team, tracking the opinions of actual partners as they work with you, getting feedback before and after key meetings and getting responses to key events and changes in circumstances. Read more...

Business development

The art of business relationships is listening

The core of building strong business development relationships is communication. And at the core of communication is listening. Read more...

Business development

How our platform can help you understand how your negotiating partners react to your approach

Every business development team needs insights about how those whom they enter discussions react to them. The vocalise platform helps those business development teams generate those insights quickly and efficiently. Read more...

Alliance management

Monitoring the critical success factors in you alliances

Successful alliance managers know that one of the most effective method for monitoring these factors is the regular collection of feedback from both their own staff and partners exploring the attitudes of team members to the critical success factors for their partnerships Read more...

Alliance management

Identifying exactly 'why' some alliances are successful and others are not is difficult

We have analysed out database of hundreds of partnership surveys conducted on behalf of clients over the years to try and understand why some alliances are successful and others are not. Read more...

Alliance management

Is trust the most important factor in determining the success of a collaboration?

Many academic and industry writers in the field of alliances argue that trust is one of the most important factors, or even the only important factor, in determining the success or otherwise of an alliance. Is this correct? Read more...

Alliance management

The Volcalise partnership healthcheck

The Vocalise healthcheck is a service from Silico Research intended to deliver rapid feedback to alliance managers on both sides of an alliance or partnership in a professional and confidential but cost-effective manner Read more...

Alliance management

What makes an organisation a partner of choice?

All large companies want to be known as the go-to organisation when other companies are thinking about linking up in order to progress their product development, research and development or business development plans. We examine what it takes to become a partner of choice. Read more...

Business development

Getting insights into your team's communication skills

Communication skills are one of the most important assets that a business development team can develop. Our platform enables business development teams to develop a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication. Read more...

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